Produce show

This year we are pleased to announce our first Produce Show. This is your chance to enter your home grown and homemade produce, arts and crafts if you are a member of the Dunsford School Community or live within 5 miles of the Teign Valley.

Download schedule and rules

Categories to include youth classes, homegrown garden and allotment produce, preserves and hedgerow drinks.

There is also a Calendula (Pot Marigold) growing competition. You can buy your seedling from the Village stores for 50p. Please tick the box on your entry form to say you are entering one.

Entries must be made by each individual and submitted along with all fees in a sealed envelope to Dunsford Village Stores by 5pm on Monday 26th June 2023.

The full Show Schedule of categories and rules of entry is available from Dunsford Village Stores and can also be downloaded here.

Also, please note that for the foraging category, all materials should be foraged sustainably, with any landowners permission and follow the foragers code. See here for guidance:

Schedule of classes

Garden Produce

  • Flowers: Please place all cut stems in clear vases. Water will be available in the tent to top the vases up on arrival
  • All garden produce should be presented in a trug or basket, unless otherwise stated.
  • All entries must be healthy, disease free and grown in your own garden/allotment!!! The judge is looking for perfection.

Fruit and Vegetables

  1. Basket of garden produce (at least 5 different items) max size
  2. Salads – 3 different varieties, we suggest you put these in a dish/jug of water to keep them fresh
  3. Root veg – 3 of any kind, tops trimmed and displayed on a plate
  4. Soft Fruits – a selection of 3 different varieties on a plate.
  5. Peas in a pod – 3 pods, as closely matched as possible, variety named if known.
  6. Most comical vegetable
  7. Forager’s basket – basket of any edible food gathered from the wild

Flowers and Herbs

  1. Sweet peas – 5 stems any variety
  2. Rose – single stem in a vase
  3. Summer Flowering bulbs/corms – 3 stems in a vase
  4. Mixed posy of flowers from your garden – tied and in a vase
  5. Vase of herbs – named
  6. Favourite Weed – Displayed in a vase
  7. Grow a Competition Calendula (Pot marigold), from seedling supplied from Dunsford Village Stores – to be presented in a pot

Food & Drink Classes

  1. A jar of jam/jelly – any fruit.
  2.  savoury jar – including pickles, chutneys or chilli jam
  3. A bottle of a Hedgerow based beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
  4. 5 Hen’s eggs – displayed on plate, in straw/hay/sand.
  5. 3 scones, any flavour (savoury)
  6. A classic Victoria sponge (made to the recipe supplied below) – 20cm diameter
  7. A bag of fudge, any flavour – 5 pieces 1inch cubed

Children’s classes

  • Please ensure names and ages are written on each entry. All work should have been completed within the last 12months.
  • Please note that children are also able to enter in any of the other categories, and will need to include their age on their entry.

Age 5 and under

  1. Decorate 3 digestive biscuits
  2. Jar of flowers from the garden
  3. Make a crown from recycled materials
  4. Something you have grown yourself

6-8 years

  1. Make a vegetable Monster
  2. Jar of flowers from the garden
  3. Make a crown from recycled materials
  4. Something you have grown yourself

9-12 years

  1. A4 Poster on climate change
  2. Vase of flowers from the garden
  3. Something you have grown yourself
  4. Miniature garden in a seed tray – be creative, you may also use any props you like, the more home made the better.