Horse Show - Rules


Dunsford Horse and Pony Show Rules

Neither the Committee nor the Land Owners accept responsibility for any accident, loss or damage to any person, horse or property how so ever caused

The Judge's decision is FINAL

• The Judge's decision with regards to lameness or fitness is FINAL and competitors will be asked to leave the ring and not compete in any further classes.

• The Judge's decision with regards to weight-carrying ability on the welfare of the horse or pony is FINAL. An approximate 20% ratio guideline will be followed.

Ridden horses and ponies MUST be four years or older

Children MUST have had their 3rd birthday before the show to participate in ridden events.

The committee reserves the right to amend, amalgamate or cancel any class or to refuse entry without stating the reason

It is the competitors’ responsibility to ensure that they arrive on time for classes. Once classes have commenced, further entries will NOT be allowed to enter, unless at the Judge's discretion.

NO refunds will be made for missed or cancelled classes unless at the Show Secretaries discretion.

Hard hats to recommended standards MUST be worn by ALL persons riding on the show field

It is recommended that competitors wear back protectors in jumping classes.

Competitors MUST be correctly and appropriately attired for entry to classes.

NO colts or stallions

Strictly NO galloping on the show field

Strictly NO spurs or schooling whips. Riders will be banned for misuse of whips or spurs.

Riders, Assistants, Family members and member of the public will be banned and asked to leave for unacceptable language or behaviour.

Please dispose of all litter in the bins provided

All competitors and spectators attend at their own risk.

All vehicles are parked at the owner's risk

Dogs MUST be kept on a lead at all times.

The committee asks that dog owners be respectful of the land owner and MUST clean up after them

Please note that areas of the show field are out of bounds for safety reasons (this includes the river bank). Any competitor or spectator who ignores this will be asked to leave the show.

Any complaint must be handed to the secretary's tent in writing on the day of the show along with a deposit of £10 which will be refunded if the complaint is upheld.