Dog Show

Dunsford Show 2017
Just before Steps Bridge on the B3212 Exeter to Mortonhampstead road





Dog Show begins 1.30pm.

Entries from 12.30pm


£2 per class.



Class 1 - Best puppy 6-12 months: Any breed/cross

Class 2 - Best condition

Class 3 - Prettiest bitch

Class 4 - Most handsome dog

Class 5 - Best veteran - 7 years and over

Class 6 - Dog and owner most alike

Class 7 - Best rescue dog

Class 8 - Best junior handler

Class 9 - Most obedient

Class 10 - Dog with the waggiest tail * Sponsored by Tails a Waggin' *

Class 11 - The dog or bitch the judge would like to take home


BEST IN SHOW - The winner of each class will automatically be entered for the final judged class in the main ring


FINALE 4.15PM - A Main RIng Parade for all entered dogs


JUDGE - Nicola Shears from TAILS A WAGGIN'



Please keep your dog on a lead at all times and clean up after your dog